Ya Qutba – On Saint Muhyidheen Abdul Kadhir Gilani (r.a)

Hymn our praises to Allah, the merciful Lord
Unto Him our gratitude, He the only God
Salutations and Salavath we bestow
Upon His Prophet, his clan and fold!

Oh! Thou, the pivot of God Almighty
Saviour of the heavens and humanity
Heir of Moula Ali, Thee, the rejuvenator
Ya Muhyidheen, of path unto divinity
Hail to thee, Oh Redeemer of the human races
Of all times! Thou Rescuer from Siesmic forces
Seated eternally on the throne of Truth
Thou Muhyidheen, the seer of mystic sciences
Who created the Skies and Worlds, He greeted you
And addressed you “Khalif come into my purview”
You learned at his behest the art of gnosis
Oh Muhyidheen, who makes the Faith anew
Aptly you were named Abdel Kadhir! Thou went
Fasting twelve years in forests! Adamant
Kept awake, unslept, abode in godhood
Hail Thee! Spiritual Master, Muhyidheen, Fervent
Thou daring and defiant on the path unto Truth
Thou God’s beloved, loving the worshipping worth
Forsook the filmsy life, on the path of Faith
None excels, Muhyidheen, Thee on Earth
Those two cities on the banks of the river Tigries
Let their fame and piety always increase
He was born at Gilan, his tomb is at Baghdad
And saints and seers surround there are numerous


Thou found, indeed, the body of Faith ailing
On thy walk and helped thee its healing
Thou, the preacher of Mahriba, the knowledge of God
Hail Muhyidheen! Thou saved Faith from reeling
Hail thee the heir descendant of Hassan and Hussein
By paternal and maternal hierarchial line
Thou art the light of Sun and the Moon alike
O! Muhyidheen who lives in hearts genuine
Respected by Thee, the schools of thought of Safi
And Hanbals alike! When you entered the Sufi
Realm and raised atop the flag of Khadhiriya
Emerged, Muhyidheen, the perfect Philosophy
By the virtue of Truth and Integrity

Abstinence, Detachment and Austerity

You stood fast unto the devotion of God
Oh Muhyidheen, adored by the men of piety
Miracles, innumerable sprang forth, the world adore
From Thee, like it happened to the Prophet, before
And it flourished all through the world
Hail! Muhyidheen, Thy grace the people implore
Your reputed gospels and wise discourses
Contending atheists and pluralist sources
Hemmed in, establishing renowned Monism
Ya Muhyidheen, the seer of occult forces
You enjoy His Privacy, and your demand
Allah relishes fast, declared thee, by His command
That your feet would touch the shoulders of His pals
Hail! Muhyidheen, there at once, obeyed the band


They saw the seal of pivots on thy shoulder
Considered it to be a treasure holder
Of celestial secrecy and one Bakar
Defyed, Oh Muhyidheen, and then did deplore
All those fighting religious sects
Like Karizias and Rabilis and Poets
Learned and Wise accepted thy supremacy
Ya Muhyidheen! over hidden secrets
Band of Scholors of profound dignity
Noble Ulemas of religious entity
And godly alike, found their doubts cleared
By thee, Oh Muhyidheen, with clarity
Abound myself with your dare proclamation
That thou will befriend those who seek salvation
And Thou art the guide of spiritual guides
Favour me, Oh Muhyidheen, thy affirmation
Your declaration, no challenge, that you shall
Appear at once, on devotees call
When thousand times with penitence he invokes
Thy name, Ya Muhyidheen! with his will
And you assured your graceful appearance
In vision! should one pray twelve rakaths in reverence
Nafil, reciting Fathihah and Iqhlas
By twilight, Oh Muhyidheen, sure deliverance
You raised both your compassionate hands
And said to the audience these are the wands
That would safegaurd who get into my realm
Of Thareeq, Oh Muhyidheen, the history resounds


Muhamed, the Prophet is your great grand father
Indeed, he affirmed Thou art his regent altogether
And thou art the Redeemer of his Ummath
Of good Omens, Muhyidheen, Thou the soothsayer
Oh Master, My leader, Our redeemer
Oh my guide and to me the cause of good humour
Save me, my Sheikh, parents, family and friends
Oh Muhyidheen, Thou art our unfailing saviour
Take me unto thy own band of disciples
Add me to the list of servants, scruplous
Include me to thy Army of Soldiers
My Lord! Muhyidheen, the monarch peerless
Lead me my Lord, on thy path, the leading Thareeq
Unto the Providence, so as yourself did seek
Unto me blessing all its rites and duties
Me, Ya Muhyidheen, thy slave, humble and meek
For ever and ever may thy supremacy over
The pivots of God progress! Salavath we shower
Upon the Prophet, his clad, fold and devout
Seers! Ya Muhyidheen, Upon thee, too forever
Salavath be poured upon the Thabieen
Thabo Thabieen, and those laid serene,
Sacrificing their life for the creed, to them
Our salams, unto thee too Ya Muhyidheen!.
Original Arabic text by:
Renowned Sheikh Sadhakathulla
English rendering by:
Assheikh Hyder ali Yakeenullashah

Kalifathul Qadiri Shathari Chishthi Sir Kalifa Rifayi

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